About Us

Who we are

Headquartered in South Carolina, United States, Biotomy Lifesciences is a trusted discoverer, developer, and marketer of high-quality, scientifically-supported ingredients that enhance health and functionality.

We identify innovative, clinically proven ingredients from all over the globe for various applications and develop sustainable low cost solutions using novel delivery systems.

As a leading ingredients innovator, Biotomy’s global network of strategic partnerships provides unique access to impactful solutions. By delivering an unsurpassed mix of expertise, resources, and service, Biotomy is committed to helping both its strategic partners and valued customers grow.


“Being innovative 4 forever”

Revolutionize lifestyle with science driven technologically advanced, innovative products offering optimum efficacy.


Implement – Science

Develop – Technology

Revolutionize through innovation


  • Organic      
  • Ethics  
  • Transparency    
  • Quality


“Quality 4 Life” – Our Own Quality Guideline

“Q4L” certified quality system assures same identity, chemistry, purity, efficacy and safety of ingredient in every supply. This program is governed by ISO 22000 and GMP guidelines. All our products are verified by “Q4L” program with rigorous controls at the time of manufacturing and storage.

Five Pillars of  “Quality 4 Life”

  • Identity Verified – Fingerprint matters
  • Responsible Sourcing – Caring for Planet
  • Manufacturing – Keeping goodness of nature intact
  • Quality Documentation and Certification – Unwavering standards
  • Efficacy – Credible science


  • 25+ Years of Experience
  • Market Intelligence
  • Concept Visualization
  • Technology Illustration
  • Virtuous Products